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Meet Your Trainer.....We have several talented expert trainers.  You are guaranteed to truly experience the best!!!

Here are a few of our elite professional trainers.  Not all trainers are listed on this page.  Please call if you are interested in hearing about the rest of our irrestible staff.


Liz is a master instructor who brings a professional dance background alongside her fitness ventures.  She is the founder of Country Fusion fitness which integrates country line dance instruction into a fitness class.  Liz teaches our beginner country line dancing classes in Pottersville, New Jersey. 

Frankie brings over 20 years of experience to our team.  He holds the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certification as well as professional certifications in kickboxing, aerobic boxing, and cross-fit.  Frankie works with a diverse clientele, including athletes, children, women interested in toning and shaping long lean muscles and men looking to build muscle mass.  Frankie brings his multi-dimensional training skills to ensure client success.


Michelle is a design genius in the fitness industry.  She is one of a kind designing specialty programs for small group fitness.  Working one on one with Michelle is even more amazing.  She combines her expertise with bands, weights, kettlebells and TRX to create diverse, safe, and effective programs.  Her genius guarantees results.  She holds the highly acclaimed and nationally recognized ACE personal trainer certification. 



Patti is a solid, educated, experienced trainer who offers over 10 years of experience in the industry.  She has a BS in exercise science, is currently pursuing her master’s degree, and is ACE certified.  Not surprisingly, her expertise lies in many pots, including aqua fitness, TRX, stability training, ball training, strength training, sport training, and specialty women’s fitness including breast cancer recovery.  Rest assured, your goals, whatever they may be, will be achieved in no time.  She brings a lot of energy to each session and always has a smile on her face.



Carlos serves the fitness community with drive, determination and results.  He is a master of transformation.  He holds the prestigious ISSA personal trainer certification as well TRX certification.  Carlos’ expertise lies in cross training to constantly bring new flavor to your workout.  His female clientele appreciate his ability to design workouts to meet their needs.  He also works with athletes, young and old, bringing on the intensity and training techniques required to succeed in sports.



Karen’s boasts 14 years of experience in the industry where her forte revolves around yoga and pilates.  In Karen’s own words, “My instruction combines my love of fluid movement, stretching and stillness. Conscious movement, conscious breath, cleansing the body & mind. Respecting the body and learning to trust and believe in yourself.  You can expect to gain strength, increase your flexibility and transform your body and mind while taking a step by step approach to wellness.”  Certifications include ACE, Pilates Physical Mind Institute and Sivananda Yoga.

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